Airlines must show full ticket price (fare plus all taxes and surcharges)

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Starting November 1st all European Union based airlines must publish the tickets prices including all taxes and surcharges. Also, passengers will be able to see the breakdown of the different categories of costs making up the final price: tariff, taxes, airport charges and other fees.

The EU Commission for transport announced this new rule early in the spring, but said at that moment that airlines will have near 6 months to change the way they are advertising their tickets and how they are showing the full price during the booking process. There are still 10% of the airlines that failed to update their systems till November 1st.

The main points of the new regulations for EU airlines are:
– airlines must advertise their tickets prices all-inclusive – fare, taxes and surcharges
– the passenger should see the full ticket prices in the first page showing the results of their search
– the passenger should be able to see the breakdown for the taxes and surcharges also in the page with the flight search results

At the moment there are some airlines operating flight to/from Romania that are not fully respecting the new rules. The Romanian low cost carrier Blue Air doesn’t show the full price and tax breakdown in the search result page and the Italian MyAir doesn’t show the full price in the flight search results page.

Wizzair, EasyJet, Germanwings, Clickair and SkyEurope – also low cost companies – are showing the full price and the tax breakdown in the flight search results page.

The new EU rules also ban airlines from adding optional additional charges without passengers’ express consent.

Most known optional additional charges are:
– credit card booking fees
– checking bags into the hold
– ‘fast-track’ boarding service charges
– airport check-in charge

For the moment none of the European low cost carriers is respecting the new rule about the optional charges.

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